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Interested in mathematics

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How did you first become interested in mathematics ? Do you have any early , memorable moments that particularly inspired you to pursue mathematics ? It's interest if you can tell people your story . 


$$[\Psi_f(\mathbb{1}_{X_{\eta}}) ] = \sum_{\varnothing \neq J} (-1)^{\left|J \right|-1} [\mathrm{M}_{X_{\sigma},c}^{\vee}(\widetilde{D}_J^{\circ} \times_k \mathbf{G}_{m,k}^{\left|J \right|-1})] \in K_0(\mathbf{SH}_{\mathfrak{M},ct}(X_{\sigma})).$$



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My mother is a middle school math teacher, I think learning math is better for me. But that is not the case, I can only do my best and also have some fun when passing a good student contest. Not understand more about mathematics, the most interesting of it and I am quite deadlocked in the problem. However, I am very happy to see that people discuss and solve problems, read them, I do not understand very deep but very interesting, feel admiration for the members to participate in the topic.

I'm not really proficient in english so this is just a poorly written article and i need to use Google tool, hope people help. I must study long and hard

Can anyone give me a comment?

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I have a friend at school and he has a special passion with Mathematics, and he is very hard-working, too. As I have seen, Math is nearly an essential part of his life. He solves problem to entertain and find fun. In his free time, he never plays games, watch TV, read non-fiction books,... He just spends time on studying Mathematics. His increadible enthusiasm brought home to me and gave me powerful motivation. Then I started to pay more attention in studying Math, I spent more time reading reference books about Math and solving problems. Half a year has gone by since I started. Now, I'm not only very grateful to him but I also amire him because of his wide knowledge about Math. That's my story, Thank you very much for having read!

Weak people revenge, strong people forgive, intelligent people ignore.

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I was a bad kid,lazy and didnt want to study any subjects,but when I was a 11th grader,I found a friend that is very hard-working ,well,not particularly in maths, he just wanted good grades,which is important,that inspired me to study harder to compete with him because I was a very competitive person.But,after a lot of work in many subjects,I found mathematics very appealing and beautiful.From that unexpected passion,I looked up on YouTube for math videos,I discovered mathematicians that I admired,like Carl Friedrich Gauss,or David Hilbert,Paul Erdos,I have been in love with mathematics since that time,I started doing it for fun,learning the topics that I forgot like number theory,set theory and something more advanced like linear algebra.I decided my major to be theoretical maths,but now in my mind I don't know if I can do it,I'm not an exceptional genius or something,but I will still try.

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