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Handbook of Linear Algebra by Leslie Hogben

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Handbook of Linear Algebra by Leslie Hogben


It is no exaggeration to say that linear algebra is a subject of central importance in both mathematics and a variety of other disciplines. It is used by virtually all mathematicians and by statisticians, physicists, biologists, computer scientists, engineers, and social scientists. Just as the basic idea of first semester differential calculus (approximating the graph of a function by its tangent line) provides information about the function, the process of linearization often allows difficult problems to be approximated by more manageable linear ones. This can provide insight into, and, thanks to ever-more-powerful computers, approximate solutions of the original problem. For this reason, people working in all the disciplines referred to above should find the Handbook of Linear Algebra an invaluable resource. The Handbook is the first resource that presents complete coverage of linear algebra, combinatorial linear algebra, and numerical linear algebra, combined with extensive applications to a variety of fields and information on software packages for linear algebra in an easy to use handbook format.


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